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What students say...

Rose is the best singing teacher I have ever had... and I've known quite a few. I have been training with Rose for about two years and my voice has made incredible progress. Rose always encourages me to do my best and she has been very supportive with my learning and first steps into the opera world. Every single lesson is precious and makes me feel I am getting closer and closer to the singer I want to become. I am so grateful I have found her. (IB - London W4)

I can honestly say that your lessons have made a huge improvement in my singing, while also being tremendous fun. One of my friends commented on the improvement recently saying ‘I don’t know what your singing teacher is giving you but it’s clearly working so keep taking it.’ The combination of your clear expertise and highly supportive attitude make it easy to have the confidence to try - and that has allowed me to put into practice things that had somehow never clicked for me before. High notes need scare me no longer! (FW - E.London)

Rose is the most amazing teacher I have worked with. I've progressed so much more than I could have ever hoped. She is kind, inspiring and always encouraging. (AY - SE London)

Rose is a truly gifted singing teacher. Her incredible experience means that she is able to identify exactly the right training need for each student so that every lesson is tailor made just for you. Her warmth, encouragement and energy create a enjoyable but also safe environment to sing in and for me the benefits are very real, with more confidence, polished techniques and even range improving week on week. I would highly recommend Rose to anyone looking to improve their singing regardless of level or ambition. (TD - London, W4)

Taking the plunge and having lessons with Rose has brought my singing on no end. She is really helping me to develop my voice and sing from my core. Our sessions are very focused and great fun. I highly recommend Rose for anyone who wants to learn to sing. (TJ - S.E. London)

Not Just For Singers!- I am truly grateful to Rose for helping me find my voice. As part of my work I have to officially present 3-4 times a year and do the occasional bit of impromptu public speaking. For years I kept getting feedback about the need to project or speak up. In my everyday work I had no cause for speaking loudly and so never really developed the muscles needed to project. Having never sung before, Rose has been fantastic at taking me through all the basics necessary to train my voice to project with strength and confidence. Thank you Rose, you have made a massive difference! Andrew Martin D.C., MSc, BSc(Hons) Chiropractor